Member Spotlight - Kimberly R. Cahill, December 2012
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December 2012 Member Spotlight

Kimberly R. Cahill, Director of Conflicts and Records

Murtha Cullina LLP


Years in field? I have been in the Conflicts & Records field for over 13 years, but in management for almost 5. I began my career in the file room at Ropes & Gray (the plan being to go to law school and to eventually pursue a career as an Attorney). I quickly grew into other roles: first Conflict Analyst, then Corporate Paralegal (an uncommon move at the time). Both my time as a Paralegal and my wish to become an Attorney were short-lived because I quickly came to the realization that I missed Conflicts' fast-paced, unique demands. I knew that where I really belonged was in Administration where I could be part of making things happen. That really thrills me! I have since managed conflict functions for three other law firms and have designed custom business intake workflow programs for two (including my present firm, Murtha Cullina). My role's impact has grown quite a bit over recent years. What was once a specialized focus is now a vital part of overall firm administration.  Because I'm familiar with multiple administrative areas and because I have some technical background, my role is often the bridge of communication between legal and technology. Also, Conflicts/Intake has taken a turn to become a powerful business tool for attorneys, not just a "necessary evil" for managing risk. I'm looking forward to seeing how my field will continue to evolve.


What do you most enjoy about your job?  Streamlining tasks with the help

of software, defining business processes, and helping my attorneys resolve issues and realize their new work are by far the best aspects of my job.


What is your biggest challenge at work?  Continuing to "make miracles happen" despite shrinking resources and rising costs is definitely the biggest challenge in today's economy.


When you're not at work, you like to…? If I'm not at work, I'm either out hiking the big mountains or tending my small gardens at home.


Favorite T.V. Show?  Boardwalk Empire is my favorite if I had to pick one, but I also enjoy Dexter, Justified, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Homeland, and various programs on History and DIY Network.


Last Book Read: Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini