Member Spotlight - Eugene Mally, May 2014
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May 2014 Member Spotlight


Eugene Mally, Account Manager

Todd & Weld LLP


Years in field: 20+


What do you most enjoy about your job? The fact that each day and challenge

differs, that dynamic requires thought, creativity and judgment


What is your biggest challenge at work?  Allocating time to that which is both

urgent and important rather than the obverse.


When you're not at work, you like to?  Time with m’lady, which usually means golf

or cycling (yes, she did talk me into a 200 mile ride through the Adirondacks to our

40th college reunion)


Favorite T.V. Show? NCIS for the “team” dynamics


Last Book Read:  Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond, a hugely ambitious

anthropologic history.