Member Spotlight - Clare Marie Wheeler, July 2013
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July 2013 Member Spotlight


Clare Marie Wheeler, CLM, Legal Administrator

The McCormack Firm, LLC


Years in field:  27 years, and I actually worked with law firms another 10 years before that.


What do you most enjoy about your job?  That I never know what to expect and I am never bored. I like that I can listen to someone’s problem and look at a possible solution that they didn’t think of. I say possible solution, but WE all know it is the answer to their problem.


What is your biggest challenge at work? Getting it all done and learning to sleep

at night without worry about all the things I missed. I haven’t gotten the sleeping without worry part down yet but working on it.


When you're not at work, you like to…?  Be with my grandkids, be at home or in

Florida. Ok, I admit it, I would rather be at Disney World, with or without my grandkids.


Favorite T.V. Show? Once Upon a Time.  Can I also say Arrested Development since it is back? Kinda back.


Last Book Read:  The Butterfly’s Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe. I volunteered with Mary Alice at Dolphin Research Center last year. She was learning about dolphins for an upcoming book. She likes to include a piece of nature in all of her books. Having liked her a lot, I was glad that I also enjoyed her work.