Amity Insurance Agency, Inc.
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Amity Insurance Agency, Inc.
500 Victory Road, Marina Bay
North Quincy, MA 02171            
Contact: Justin Kesner
Phone: 617.471.1220



Malpractice Insurance is one of your single most important purchases and should not be selected on price alone. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. When you have a personal, medical, or legal, concern you would seek the advice of a specialist, the same holds true with your professional insurance. Although many agencies say they offer these products, few are familiar with the companies offering specific coverage and the differences between policies. Align yourself with an agent or agency such as Amity that specializes in meeting the insurance needs of the legal community.

What separate’s Amity from other brokers is our ability to reach more vendors. Most legal specialty agencies, including bar association programs have access to a sole insurer. They will tell you that their policy form is designed for all law firms. Amity’s expertise in the evolving market will prove this isn’t the case. There are policies and products designed for each individual firm.

"Throughout Amity's decades of service in the lawyers professional market, one of the unfortunate truths we have learned is that good law firms get sued. History has proven that firms of all sizes, areas of practice, and geographical location, are dragged into untidy and costly matters. Amity has the expertise to help mitigate these stressful times by finding firms an insurer that best fits their particular practice". - Justin Kesner

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