Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
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As we know, creating a diverse workforce is more than just a best hiring practice. It’s an opportunity to ensure our law firms are vibrant and cohesive working environments, providing greater service to our clients through a diverse collection of skills and experiences.

In our ever changing world, how do we successfully create this diverse workforce and how do we ensure we are meeting their needs?

To help address these challenges, the listing below contains local and national resources you may find useful.


2016 NALP Report on Diversity in US Law Firms

Association of Legal Administrators
ALA Diversity Toolkit
The ALA Diversity Toolkit provides an inspirational overview with tools to help advance diversity and inclusion in the legal workplace. Click here to view the ALA Diversity Toolkit.

American Bar Association

Massachusetts Bar Association

Boston Bar Association

Society of Human Resource Managers

Office of Personnel Management – U.S. Government

Cornell University
Cornell was one of the nation's first universities to develop and promote diversity, inclusion, and EEO programs that would address the need for organizations to apply good diversity management to promote justice, well-being, and business effectiveness. It is the only university to have a practice group dedicated to the study and practice of EEO, diversity, and inclusion.


Workplace Answers

Dedicated to the principle that employees are any organization's most valuable resource, Workplace Answers has developed interactive online training resources that are easily deployed, simple to use and highly effective in educating an organization's workforce.


YMCA Training Inc.

The YMCA Training Inc. 2020 Internship Schedule is now available! Click here to view the schedule now.

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