Business Partner Spotlight - TOSS C3, May 2013
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TOSS C3, Greg Hanna, President & CEO

How and why did you come to work with law firms?  In 1990, TOSS was looking for a key market segment to work with. Our research led us to law firms for a few reasons. First, being professional services organizations, law firms did not have fulltime IT staff. Secondly, technology played an important role in law firms. Finally, our research demonstrated that law firms were a rapidly growing business segment and, despite the condition of the general economy, law firms continued to grow and drive profitability.

Why is your service/product important to law firms?  Our product and service offerings are critical to law firms because they provide the continuous and uninterrupted access to the IT applications, services, and data which are necessary for law firms to conduct business.

What makes your service/product unique?  Unlike traditional IT companies, TOSS C3, embraced cloud computing in 1999. This “head start” allowed TOSS to develop quite a bit of IP around delivering every aspect of IT and applications securely through the cloud making it secure, lighting fast, and accessible from any type of device and from anywhere in the world.

For laws firms who aren’t ready to fully jump into the cloud, TOSS C3 developed its patent pending vBCDR system which allows business continuity and disaster recovery for any file, folder, application, server, site, or enterprise from a single and simple user interface. This system ensures that a law firm cannot suffer a catastrophic business loss that would result from a significant data loss or extended interruption to IT service.

Share how your company solves problems.  TOSS C3 is a big believer in the uniqueness of each client’s requirements. However, we’ve found that all law firms have a common set of requirements; continuous access to their IT, immediate response when contacted for an IT issue, intolerance for downtime. When engaging with a new law firm client, we collect as much information as possible from the parties in charge so we can accurately provide the technology and services appropriate to achieving the law firm’s business goals.
Once on-boarded, we assign a team of expert level engineers to manage the account and provide the law firm with access to our 24/7/365 Cloud Support Centre. All IT services, in the cloud and those on site, are plugged into our Cloud Command Centre which monitors and manages the IT servers, devices, and applications on a 24/7/365 basis and takes proactive action to mitigate any issues prior to their becoming catastrophic events.

Share a success story your company has experienced working with a law firm. TOSS met Bass, Doherty, and Finks through the ALA. At the time, BDF was suffering from a poorly configured and underperforming onsite traditional IT system. After understanding the benefits of Cloud Computing, BDF opted to install TOSS C3’s IT as a Utility, (ITaaU), offering, which put 100% of BDF’s IT and applications into the cloud. Shortly after deployment, hurricane Sandy shutdown the power at BDF for a solid week.

However, since BDF was in the cloud, the employees simply worked from home and from Starbucks for the week and didn’t miss a beat.

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