Business Partner Spotlight - Mark Z. Legal Staffing - July 2012
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Marc Z Legal Staffing (Z Legal) - Specializing in all aspects of legal placement, including permanent and temporary placement of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, firm administrators, marketing, accounting, human resources, library services, records, technical support, and office services.

How and why did you come to work with law firms? I established Z Legal to assist law firms and companies with legal personnel needs in finding staffing solutions. Having served as a litigation attorney, general counsel for an international staffing franchisor, and co-founder and president of Spectra Professional Search and Spectra Temps, a leading New England staffing company, I understood the inner workings of the recruitment process from both the client and candidate standpoint. Recognizing the need law firms have for this particular type of staffing service ultimately served as the catalyst for my vision.

Why is your service/product important to law firms?  Proper staffing is one of the most important and fundamental components of any law firm. A strong team will allow a firm to reach its greatest potential and achieve its highest level of success. At Z Legal, we understand the necessity of having a dedicated and skilled staff because each member of our own team has ample experience and expertise in the legal field. We provide law firms with the highest quality candidates needed, whether for the purpose of a temporary assignment or a long-term position, so that they can continue to succeed. Most importantly, we do so in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

What makes your service/product unique? In addition to having over 25 years of experience, Z Legal is unique among its competitors for three major reasons: Firstly, we are committed to providing the best candidates for our clients. We make sure that our candidates are professional, committed, and incredibly knowledgeable in their field, and the best fit possible for the work environment. Secondly, we consistently offer competitive pricing and affordable services. Thirdly, we pride ourselves in personalized service and collaboration with our client. Whenever a client requires our help, whether during business hours, early morning, late at night, or on weekends, we go above and beyond to make sure that their questions are answered and their needs met.

Share a success story your company has experienced working with a law firm. On a Friday afternoon, we received a call from a law firm requesting eight temporary attorneys and paralegals for a one-day assignment that required the review of litigation documents. Throughout the weekend, we kept our client informed of our progress and carefully reviewed existing and new candidates. By Sunday evening, we had put together a team of eight solidly skilled and professional individuals, including an attorney to manage the group, ready to begin on Monday morning. Not only did we provide the firm with the number of individuals they needed to fill all eight positions, we also gave them excellent candidates and remained on-site to coordinate the project and ensure efficiency. This instance showcases our ability to meet staffing needs on all levels and find the best fit for every type of staffing situation, no matter how large or comprehensive. Furthermore, it emphasizes our desire to see a project through, regardless of its length or the amount of revenue it generates.

Share how your company solves problems. We take a constructive approach to solving any and all problems that arise. We do thorough research and make sure that we never settle for what is easiest or simply gets the job done. We listen to our client’s concerns and issues and assess the circumstances involved. We look at the culture of the firm, potential interpersonal relationships, and specific job descriptions in order to recruit candidates who not only meet the job criteria, but would also thrive in the firm’s environment. We are passionate about coming through for our clients and working closely to achieve a successful ending.

Share your "WOW" factor. In a world where companies have often lost their personal contact component in favor of becoming completely technology-dependent, Z Legal stands out. Because we are a small company made up of highly practiced individuals, including lawyers, administrative managers, and experienced recruiters, we care deeply about our clients, have shared in their experiences, and thrive on building a strong rapport with them. Our clients know that they can count on us for the long-term. We take the time to follow up with them every step of the way in order to ensure success and 100% satisfaction. It is this unwavering commitment, dedication, and passion that truly makes Z Legal an exceptional company.
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