Business Partner Spotlight -ACS Services -July 2014
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ACS Services Inc., William J. Adams, Jr.



How and why did you come to work with law firms? W e have been working with law firms since 1985 when we began to support the Law Department located at City Hall in Brockton MA.



Why is your service/product important to law firms? W e have found that many firms require 24/7 IT Support but lack the expertise in house to tackle the day to day issues they encounter. Our Managed Services and Cloud Computing Offerings give a firm the support and scalability they need when they need it, on demand.


What makes your service/product unique? Having been in business in Boston for nearly 30 years, our model has been to treat all of our clients like partners. W e have built relationships with hard work, proven solutions and follow-through, always looking at issues from the customers side to ensure satisfaction.


Share how your company solves problems. W e follow industry best practices to ensure that when problems occur they are dealt with swiftly. W e are not perfect, but have built our company around customer support.   We feel that if  you follow through and work hard to resolve problems on the clients behalf they will be a client for life.


Share a success story your company has experienced working with a law firm. In the past 24 months we were able to save a Boston-based firm over

$140,000 in IT related expenses by designing and implementing a strategic equipment refresh plan.


Share your "WOW" factor. ACS, the longest tenured IT support provider in Massachusetts, has assisted more than 50 Law Firms exceed their technology goals.

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