Business Partner Spotlight - Breakaway Courier - August 2012
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Richard Schmid, Director of Client Services, Breakaway Courier Systems of Boston

How and why did you come to work with law firms? During my senior year of college, I was working on a marketing research paper that was studying small businesses that were challenging larger corporations within the same industry. The large company I was given was Federal Express. At the time, FedEx did not offer any service level faster than by 10:30 am the next business morning. I was fascinated by the idea of competing against them. I started my company one year out of college. I believe our first account was Csaplar and Bok. We grew from there, specializing in the needs of various Boston law firms.
Why is your service/product important to law firms? 
Historically, the primary reasons have been speed, accuracy, original signatures, time stamps and cost. The couriers were and still are an extension of the law firm. It was and still can be less expensive to use a courier to complete a transaction rather than have an attorney or staff member pulled from their real focus, in terms of time and efficiency. Utilizing a courier also helps to maintain some separation from a potential adversary or any situation that might create some conflict.   We are available 24 hours, 7 days per week, by phone, email and Internet. There is still no faster way to get through Boston than by bicycle. From foot messengers to bikes, cars, vans and trucks, we feel that our fleet of over 70 couriers offers a very high level of experienced service, at extremely competitive rates.
What makes your service/product unique?
During the last 18 months, we have consolidated and merged with a few of the most reputable, service-oriented courier companies in the Greater Boston area. We have built a staff of the best dispatchers, customer service personnel and couriers from all combined. The team approach to exchanging different ideas that have worked for each separate company over the years has really helped us to be more creative in our approach to problem solving and generating new ideas for service. At the same time, having a small Dispatch Operation staff of 10-11 people keeps the client service experience very personal.
Share a success story your company has experienced working with a law firm.
There have been may success stories! Some highlights have been:  delivering a laptop to the Caracas, Venezuela airport to a waiting attorney, with armed guards all around (I simply got on the next plane and flew home); closing documents delivered to a yacht while the courier waited on a dinghy;; and mad dashes to the airport with an attorney hitching a ride to get a patent application date stamped on time.  Most recently, a Boston law firm celebrated its 100th anniversary at Fenway Park, also notably 100 years old this year. We delivered and assembled a large time-line to the ball park, picking it up late that night and assembling it again in the lobby of a downtown office building. Our philosophy at Breakaway is that every delivery we complete correctly and on-time is a success.
Share your "WOW" factor.
I believe that personal, face to face communication with our clients and within our company is what makes Breakaway stand out. In an age of technology, many personal touches have been eliminated in favor of convenience and speed. I believe that people miss associating a face with a voice, being able to actually speak to a live person or have someone on their door step in minutes if they have a problem or opportunity they’d like to discuss.
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