Member Spotlight, Kevin Costello, November 2014
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November 2014 Member Spotlight
Kevin Costello

Title: Executive Director, Posternak, Blankstein & Lund, LLP

Years in field: 12 years ago, my first boss out of college, whom I had lost contact with, called me out of the blue and told me he was now working at a law firm and thinking of retiring. He asked me to consider taking his place. You never know where opportunities will come from!

What do you most enjoy about your job?
The collegial nature, mutual respect and teamwork of the executive management of the firm make this a very special place to work. As a results guy, seeing the impact of my team’s decisions on the operational and financial success of the firm.

What is your biggest challenge at work?
Navigating our firm through a generational leadership change including the upcoming retirement of several “baby boomers.”

When you’re not at work, you like to?
Spend countless hours and days at M.I.T. or Los Alamos proofing my theorem on cold fusion which will end nuclear waste, dependence on fossil fuels and global warming in our lifetime! In the little bit of spare time I have when not in my lab, I chase a little white ball around a big green field and share an occasional moment of golf glory at the 19th hole with a group of friends. Closer to home, skiing with my son Daniel, watching his twin brother Michael wrestling or finding a nice restaurant to share dinner and a bottle of wine with my wife, Jennifer.

Favorite T.V. Show: The Blacklist and I’m currently addicted to Breaking Bad on Netflix.

Last book read:
All Souls by Michael Patrick MacDonald. A great but depressing read about growing up in Southie in the shadows of Whitey Bulger during a very tumultuous time in Boston. As a native Bostonian with an Irish heritage, I was drawn to the book like a moth to a light.

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